Never-Ending Beauty (Nature…)

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This poem is about the nature and how it is expressed in our world. It compares nature as an endless sky, a sandy dune, a gentle rain, and a tranquil breeze. The main purpose of this poem is to convey the message that nature never ends, and it is never ending beauty. Nature is something that has lots of deep and extended meanings in it. And it is a very special and unique gift from our god. This poem gives a mood of relaxation and peace, and it is written in a very inspirational way.I chose this poem because nature and poetry has lots of meaningful relationship with each other. Because most poets would love to write poems about nature, because nature poem usually gives vivid images, and creates lovable scenery in our mind. And most of the nature poems also sound very calm and beautiful. This poem has several poetic devices. Especially this poet used lots of metaphors and one of them are, “Nature is the endless sky” this metaphor is comparing nature with the endless sky because as I told before nature is a never-ending beauty. Another metaphor that I liked was, “Nature is a tranquil breeze” and this line is comparing nature with a tranquil breeze, and it means that nature is something that is very calm and peaceful. Another poetic device that I found in this poem is onomatopoeia and it was in this line: “and winds that howl and blow”, this line can also be a personification. The howls is the sound of the wind blowing so it is a onomatopoeia, and since wind can’t really howl and it is imaginary, this line can also be defined as personification. 



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This is the main character of the book and his name is Despereaux.

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The Tales Of Despereaux

An Enchanting Novel

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Rating:  5 stars

             I have finished reading this book called The Tale of Depereaux and I think it is marvelous and enchanting novel that kids would enjoy reading. The author ”Kate Dicamillo” uses a great style of writing that adds passion to the story. I have to say that this is a great book and kids will love it! Despereaux is a tiny and big-eared mouse, who falls in love with the Princess Pea. Because of his love he doesn’t obey the mouse rules and regulations, and sacrifices the privilege to be a mouse. As a punishment he was sent into the dungeon, which was the house for the rats. This mouse wants to experience light, music, and other vivid things in this world, so he goes through an adventurous life. From there on the story gets more adventurous and interesting as well. If you are a person who loves fantasy tale, and adventurous stories I recommend you to read this book. In order to read this book, I think age doesn’t really matter; any kid or any adult who adores fantasy, or fiction books would love this one. This is a very entertaining book, which gives you a feeling of relaxation. This is a story that you will have pleasure in reading it again and again.

Compare and Contrast

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      The novel and the movie of Johnny Tremain are pretty mush alike.  Some of the characters are the same such as Johnny, Rab, Paul Revere, Mr. Lyte, Mr. Lapham, Mrs. Lapham, Pricilla, John Hancock, Jehu, Goblin, Doctor Warren, Josiah Quincy, Samuel Adams, Uncle Lorne, and James Otis. The setting is also the same, which is Boston. Also both of them include the Boston Observer.   

      Some events are same in the novel and the movie, such as the Boston Tea party, and the discussion that held before the tea party in the church occurs is in both of them. The event where Johnny goes to meet Mr. Lyte with his cup to claim his kinship, this event occurs in both of them too. Another event that was similar to the movie and the novel is the meeting of the Sons of Liberty that was held in the upstairs of the Boston Observer.


      The novel and the movie are different in many ways. Some of the characters from the novel are missing in the movie, such as Madge Lapham, Dove, Dusty, Issanah, Ms. Bessie, Pumpkin, Sewall, Lavinia Lyte, and Mr. Tweedie.

      Some events and facts in the novel are very different from the movie. For example in the novel Johnny burns his hand with the molten silver because, Dove hands him the cracked crucible, but in the movie his hands gets burned because of Mrs. Lapham accidentally knocks it down. Also in the movie it seems like Paul Revere lives in the Boston Observer, but in the novel he had his own shop. Another dissimilar event is that in the novel Johnny tells Cilla and Issanah about his name and the cup while sitting beside the sea at nighttime, but in the movie he only tells Cilla while staying in the workshop. Also in the movie Mr. Lyte offers Johnny to have ride with him to Britain, and agrees with the kinship between them, but in the novel, this event never occurred. Goblin is meant to be brown in the movie and white in the novel. Also the secret code for the Sons of Liberty’s meeting is “Owes the Boston Observer eight shillings” in the novel but in the movie instead of eight shillings it was only six. In the novel Johnny goes to Lexington to search for Rab, but in the movie he goes there to participate in the battle. In the novel Cilla works and stays with Miss Lavinia, but in the movie she actually works with the redcoats.

My Dream / Real Vacation

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My Dream Vacation

      My dream vacation is to go to Dubai and visit my aunts, uncles, and my cute little cousins. I wish I could celebrate this Eid with them. I would also like to do some shopping there, and also explore through the different types of adventures in Dubai. I have heard that Dubai contains excellent malls, and nice resorts beside the seashores. Dubai is famous for its tourism. If I had a wish that would be granted by my parents, this would be my wish.  

My Real Vacation

      In the first week of this winter break I think my relatives from Riyadh are coming over to visit us, and I think we will be celebrating Eid with them. In the second week I think we will be visiting Riyadh, and spent about 10 days there. I am pretty sure I will have lots of fun there by going to all these different types of malls, and to the two famous towers (Faisalia tower, and Kingdom tower). I am also excited to visit some of relatives who live there. While we are returning from Riyadh hopefully I will go to Mecca, to pray and to visit my uncle, aunt, and my great grand ma who came here for hajj. I think we will take them to Jeddah and do some shopping with them. 

Fastidious and Gracious Young Man

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Johnny Tremain 

I am fastidious and gracious.

I wonder if Cilla adores Rab or me.

I hear the bells of love ringing in my heart.

I see a sparkling future waiting for me.

I want Rab to reside with me and persist to support me.

I am fastidious and gracious. 

I enjoy spending precious and valuable time with Cilla.

I feel conceited to be part of the Sons’ of Liberty.

I believe that friendship values a lot and it resembles moral support.

I worry what if Cilla decides to be with Issanah and disregards me.

I cry for my best pal, Rab leaving me.

I am fastidious and gracious.

I understand Rab’s repulsion feelings towards the redcoats.

I say that friendship has a very special and unique meaning itself.

I dream of the wonderful times that Rab and I had together.

I try to develop into a mature and valiant young man.

I hope that Cilla realizes my passionate feelings towards her.

I am fastidious and gracious

Different Point of Views

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             The real movie is called “The Patriot” and it is based on the Patriots’ point of view, but instead if the movies was named “The Loyalist” and was based on the Loyalists’ point of view it would have given the audience a very different perspective with few similarities. Propaganda is the best word to describe peoples’ point of views, because they try to prove that their point of view is always right and true.

              Similarly if the British Broadcasting Corporation wanted to do a movie based on American Revelution, expect from the Loyalists’ point of view, then the Loyalist would have tried to prove that what ever they did was fair and it was the right way to handle things. They would have also tried to give the impression to their audience that the Patriots’ are cruel people and trouble makers who didn’t deserve the independence for themselves. They would have also convinced the audience that the Loyalists are very nice people, who does honest things. Also the Loyalists wouldn’t admit that they gave up, surrendered, or lost the war. Instead they would come up with excuses for losing the battles in the American Revolution. Also the Loyalists migh try to create an image that local colonists supports them more than the patriots. All these examples would be the differences between the real movie of “The Patriot” and the imaginary movie of “The Loyalist”.

             Even though there are lots of differences there might be some similarities between both of the films such as that they both will focus on the same topic or the concept, which is “American Revolution”. Even though they make up some fake scenes since it is Hollywood I am pretty sure that both of the movies would include similar important historical events and important names for example: Cornwallis. 



Foreign Allies

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Foreign allies did a great contribution to the American Victory. Especially Spain, France, Poland, and other individual foreigners, who were the enemies of Great Britain, helped the patriots so much.

           The French worked hard to increase the population of French supporters for the Americans. Even The Americans made an alliance with the French because France helped the American in a big time by supporting them in the war. One of those famous and well-known individual foreigners was Marquis De Lafayette from France who provided the patriots with financial support because he donated about $200,00 for the warfare. And also he participated in the war and wounded his leg. Basically he did lots of scarification for the Patriots. 

            Later on Spain started to join the war against the Great Britain in 17 79.  The Spanish helped the patriots so much in the western Frontier. Another foreign individual from Spain named Bernardo de Galvez, who was a Spanish governor, was a very important ally of the patriots. He allowed the American to use the Spanish port of New Orleans. He also attacked British forts in Florida and along the Mississippi River.   

            Two Individuals from Poland named Tadesu Kosciuzko, and Kazimierz Pulaski came to America and helped the patriots so much. Kosciuzko was the one who brought army-engineering skills to help the war effort. Pulaski helped to train the cavalry units.   

             If these foreign allies didn’t help the patriots I don’ t think that America would have faced such a victory in the war between Great Britain and the Patriots. Because the patriots didn’t have so much money, weapons, or skilled army for themselves, they just had foreign allies who supplied the patriots with financial support, encouragements, weapons, and skilled army. Foreign allies were one of the major advantages for the patriots and it also turned out to be a major disadvantage for the Great Britain. If it weren’t for the foreign allies I am pretty sure that till now America would have been under the British control, without achieving their independence.   


Thomas Paine

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             I have always hated the monarchy system in which the country is ruled by kings, and queens. According to my opinion I think that people should elect the government or they should make the laws, not kings and queens. The King doesn’t have any rights to interfere with colonial self-government or tax the colonists without their permission. I think that colonists should be free on their own I know that ‘people should make the laws’ is a new idea that hasn’t been practiced very often in the world. So I decided to publish a pamphlet called the “Common Sense” to spread this new idea among the colonists. As a common person, I have spread this idea to common people to get this idea across the thirteen colonies. My pamphlet changed many colonists’ point of view about Britain. This pamphlet also gained many supporters fighting for independence.  

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